Week 12 Recap – It’s go time

27 Nov

Game Recaps

Lumpalicious (10-2) vs. Atomic Peckers (8-4) – 117-62

12 weeks into the season and I’m still amazed that Lumpalicious is pulling productive players off the waiver wire. The eye for talent and willingness to take a chance panned out with Justin Blackmon’s 13 points this week. It’s definitely one of the reason’s the Lumps are coasting into the playoffs. On the other side of the ball, the Peckers have put things on full on cruise control. Things might look like a lock, but I would still put your best foot forward until that asterisk is on the board. I do like that Pierre Garcon looks like he is finally back and if Gronk can heal quickly he may still be an asset in week 15 or 16.

 Dutch Mafia (7-5) vs. Bad Mamma Jammas (7-5) – 146-93

In two meetings this year, Bad Mamma Jammas has defeated Dutch Mafia with an average margin of victory of 49 points. This is quite misleading as Dutch Mafia was without a couple of studs in the first matchup and left some much needed points on the bench in the other. Losing while scoring 93 and 91 points in each of those games emphasizes how difficult it will be to win in the playoffs this season.

Ca$h Money (6-6) vs. Vote Dem (5-7) – 108-96

This was the swing game of the week. Both teams were desperate for a win to stay in the hunt. Megatron and T-Rich continue to pay dividends for Vote Dem, but the lack of a number two running back looks like it might have cost VD a shot at the playoffs. Ca$h Money gets back to .500 for the second time this year. The move for RGIII is the key to making a late season run. As the schedule stands right now, Ca$h can make the playoffs by winning out and getting the tie-breaker over Dutch Mafia (who he plays in the pivotal rivalry week).

Apocalyptic Apostles (4-8) vs. The Good Team (5-7) – 70-76

This was a case of uninspired football by the Apostles as team while Mr. Roboto keeps a nice little win streak going.

Cold Jerky (5-7) vs. Dead Meat 2 (5-7) – 88-72

The roller coaster season continues for Cold Jerky going from a 5-game losing streak to winning 4 of the last 5. Getting to the consolation bracket would be a nice achievement as the Jerks continue to get past an unlucky streak of injuries but still finds some nice talent on the bench. If Greg Jennings can get back on the field it would be a nice boost.

Hurricane Ditka (6-6) vs. Operation Dominaion (4-8) – 93-85

Usually we’re talking about OD come this time of year, but this week’s loss drops OD to the tier of irrelevance (Sorry, but you’ve already got your 3 championships so don’t take it too hard). This year’s drama belongs to Hurricane Ditka. Left for dead weeks ago, Hurricane Ditka has now moved into 6th place overall. It could be the story of the year going from sell-off to playoff dark horse. While this would be amazing it still falls into the realm of improbable. With the current points disadvantage, Ditka will need to win out and get a lot of help. It would take a combination of at least two of the following scenarios: Bad Mamma Jammas loses two in a row, Dutch Mafia drops his remaining two, or Ca$h Money drops one game. We’ll see what happens.

The resurgence continues…

Week 12 All-NGC Team

QB – Tom Brady – 38 – Bad Mamma Jammas

WR – Andre Johnson – 25 – Lumpalicious

WR – Dez Bryant – 25 – Bad Mamma Jammas

WR – Calvin Johnson – 22 – Vote Dem

RB – Arian Foster – 25 – Bad Mamma Jammas

RB – BenJarvus Green-Ellis – 20 – Cold Jerky

TE – Owen Daniels – 8 – The Good Team

K – Shayne Graham – 11 – Ca$h Money

DEF – New England – 25 – Lumpalicious

Week 12 Power of Light Rankings

  1. Lumpalicious (10-2) – On track for a record setting season.
  2. Bad Mamma Jammas (7-5) – Starting to finally click.
  3. Atomic Peckers (8-4) – About time to take things off cruise control.
  4. Ca$h Money (6-6) – Up off the mat for the second time this season.
  5. Dutch Mafia (7-5) – Two weeks to take care of business.
  6. Operation Domination (4-8) – A disappointing season to say the least.
  7. Vote Dem (5-7) – It’s going to take a lot to get back in it.
  8. The Good Team (5-7) – A good win nonetheless.
  9. Cold Jerky (5-7) – Injuries finally catching up.
  10. Hurricane Ditka (6-6) – Playoff hopes?
  11. Apocalyptic Apostles (4-8) – Sad, just sad.
  12. Bacon Factory (5-7) – The roster sure looks like it could perform better.



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