Week 13 Preview – Playoffs or bust

28 Nov

Week 13 Preview

There’s a lot at stake in week 13. The playoff picture is finally coming into focus with 5 teams realistically competing for the remaining 3 playoff spots with Lumpalicious having already secured a position. One more win will lock the Lumps into the number 1 seed. For the leaders it’s pretty simple. Continue to win and you’re in. The Peckers can lock this week with a win, no help needed. BMJ or Dutch Mafia can lock with a win and losses by both Ca$h Money and Hurricane Ditka. Ca$h can’t lock this week, but controls his own destiny if he wins out and in the process puts a 6th loss on Dutch Mafia thus forcing a points tie-breaker. This will be my most watched race (after my own). Hurricane Ditka is the longshot needing both to win out and getting some major help (outlined below) since a points tiebreaker is out of reach.

Win out AND;

BMJ or DM to lose two AND Ca$h Money to lose one

or BMJ AND DM to lose two

or DM lose AND Ca$h Money/DM tie in week 14

Game Previews


Atomic Peckers vs. Hurricane Ditka

There are major playoff implications at stake for both squads in this GOTW. While securing a playoff berth seems to be more of a formality than anything for the Peckers, Hurricane Ditka is scratching and clawing to stay alive in the hunt. The Peckers trot out the name brand lineup with Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, and Adrian Peterson. At first blush this looks like a one-sided affair, but I think there is upset potential here. None of the Pecker receivers have been particularly effective lately and the lack of a backup for Shady McCoy leaves a gaping hole on the Pecker roster. If Hurricane Ditka can conjure some more Doug Martin and Colin Kaepernick magic this weekend then we might just add a little more intrigue to the playoff picture…but I don’t think so…Peckers by 15.

Dutch Mafia vs. Dead Meat 1

Dutch Mafia is steaming coming off a tough loss last week against Bad Mamma Jammas. The playoff hopes are still burning brightly, but this week’s opponent is not one to take lightly. Matt Schaub has come on lately with the Texans defense suddenly floundering and Ray Rice is always dangerous. Both sides have plus matchups this weekend especially Matty Ice taking on the Saints in a Thursday night shootout. I would like to say that this one stays close, but I actually think 90 points is a low water mark for Dutch Mafia and Dead Meat will have trouble matching that. Dutch Mafia moves one step closer to punching the playoff ticket.

Apocalyptic Apostles vs. Vote Dem

This one is for pride and a shot to get into the consolation bracket. It’s been a disappointing season for both clubs as key players struggle at crucial points of the season. Both teams have some explosive playmakers, most notably Calvin Johnson, C.J. Spiller, and Trent Richardson. The Apostles are going to be leaning heavily on Detroit this weekend and Matthew Stafford’s arm. You know you’re in a pickle if that’s the plan. Vote Dem on the other hand has some playmakers at every level (and finally got on the Marcel Reese bandwagon). I think Eli is over the “tired arm” and going against a bottom feeder pass defense. Given all the plus matchups I think Vote Dem wins this one rather easily and keeps some incredibly slim playoff hopes alive.


Lumpalicious vs. OD

This one isn’t a GOTW due to the matchup or playoff implications since Lumpalicious has already locked up a spot. This GOTW is all about records – namely single season records for best record, most points, and most 100-point games. Lumpalicious is in line to make a run at all three. The current single season record for wins is 12-2 set by Cold Jerky in 2011. Most points 1588 by Operation Domination in 2007. Most 100-point games at 10 by Bad Mamma Jammas in 2007. The record for most points will be the most difficult to attain since it will require an average of 131 points scored over the last two weeks. Lumpalicious has some tough matchups this week which could derail a chance at all three. I’m picking Operation Domination in the upset of the week in a close one.

Bad Mamma Jammas vs. Cold Jerky

This game boasts the largest point spread of the week as Bad Mamma Jammas come in hot off a 146 point outing against Dutch Mafia. Cold Jerky has had a very up and down season and the DeSean Jackson isn’t going to help matters much. This week is a mismatch and I don’t expect this one to go much different than advertised. The biggest story from this matchup will be whether or not BMJ can stay on track to tie the record for most 100-point games along with Lumpalicious.

Dead Meat 2 vs. Ca$h Money

If Ca$h is going to make the playoffs this is one he will have to have. Dead Meat 2 has been reeling as of late so it’s for Ca$h to take care of business. Ca$h will once again have a questionable Percy Harvin and he draws some tougher matchups for CJ2K and Brandon Marshall. Even so Dead Meat 2 doesn’t have much to counter back with even worse matchups for Shonn Greene, Steven Jackson, and Sidney Rice. There’s always the possibility this could be a close one, but I think Ca$h stays alive for a playoff berth.

Ginger of the Week

Laura Prepon of That 70’s Show fame and also nominated as one of the top 13 sexiest female scientologists.


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