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Happy Playoffs

15 Dec

Happy Playoffs, Gamers. For several reasons, I have been unable or unwilling to put in the time to develop a proper preview for you guys. I’ve certainly been following the league and our fantastically cool finish last week really put the exclamation point on the year. It came down to a close final game in rivalry week to determine the final playoff team and it sure looked that Vote Dem might make a run. In fact, had Vote Dem played almost anyone else in the league in Week 14, he’d be looking at a playoff spot himself. Tough blow for both Vote Dem and Dutch Mafia as they try to pick up the pieces for the consolation bracket and wonder what could have been.

Let me start off by the game previews by congratulating each participant. Lumpalicious followed through on my pre-draft #1 ranking and made his first playoffs! Ca$h Money, Bad Mamma Jammas, and the Atomic Peckers all make their 2nd appearances. That experience could prove to be valuable ahead.  Ca$h finished 0-2 in his first trip for a 4th place finish, while the Peckers won 3rd and BMJ won 2nd in their appearances. This, obviously, means we will for the first time since Year 3, have a new champion! Yes, that’s right, someone other than Operation Domination and Cold Jerky will hoist the Gnome.

Playoff Semi-Final #1 – Lumpalicious vs. Ca$h Money

Throw out the records, Folks. No one cares if you set records or buried people deep during the regular season – it’s a clean slate here. Ca$h Money is in the playoffs with the worst record of any playoff team in the 6 year history of the league. Who cares? Not me. This is a legitimate matchup – don’t take your eyes off this one.

QB Play – Lumpalicious had the #1 overall pick, Mr. Aaron Rodgers going in Chicago against a Bears team that will either be in complete hibernation or a group of angry Bears after the embarrassment of last week (well, and the 4 weeks before that). Rodgers has a tendency to play well against the Bears and I just haven’t seen enough over the last 5 games to think this will be any different. I think A-Rod can make it to that projection and potentially beat it. Ca$h Money has a bit of a dilemma. RG3 was hurt last week, he’s currently questionable, and if he does go, you’d have to wonder how mobile he will be. Cleveland’s D? Hasn’t been horrible. Reserve options are good to great with Philip Rivers playing the Panthers while Josh Freeman licks his chops to play the Saints. I personally believe Freeman is the play here, but I’m not sure there is an absolute “wrong” choice in this case. I’m going to give a slight edge to Lumpalicious based on the fact that I think the Bears are dead.

Ground Game – Lumpalicious rolls out Stevan Ridley and Ryan Mathews. Ridley has a putrid matchup against SF in what should be a great SNF game and Mathews continues his Disappointment Tour against Carolina. Ca$h Money counters with Frank Gore against NE and Chris Johnson against the Jets in a MNF game that only people that have Chris Johnson playing on their fantasy teams would consider watching. I just don’t like anything here. My gut tells me to rank it Gore, Ridley, Mathews, Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson could break one and change everything, Mathews could put together a legit game – who knows. Nothing is jumping out for me here and I’m going to take the panty waste route and call a push.

Pass Catchers – Lumpalicious rolls in with the hot Andre Johnson, Vincent Jackson and Marques Colston playing each other in the barn burner, and Jason Witten against Pittsburgh. Ca$h Money counters with record setter Brandon Marshall against the Pack, Eric Decker against Baltimore, apparently Michael Crabtree against NE, and Heath Miller against the ‘boys. This is probably where everything that could happen will happen in this matchup. Overall, I like the matchups for Lumpalicious more and I think that Andre Johnson can do enough to offset the amazing Brandon Marshall so I’m going to give the edge to Lumpalicious here.

D & K – Lumpalicious goes with the Cowboy’s kicker and the Jets D versus Shayne Graham and Cincinatti for Ca$h Money. I think Ca$h has the big advantage here but I wonder if it can be enough to make up for everything else going on in this matchup.

Overall, I think Lumpalicious will take a big league after the noon games on Sunday but Ca$h Money will continue to believe they are in it with Gore and Crabtree on SNF making up some ground against Ridley and it will come down to needing a big game from Chris Johnson against Lumpalicious’ NYJ defense. It won’t start off well at all and a late TD run in garbage time for CJ will only make the scoreboard respectable as Lumpalicious advances to the finals.

***Note, I wrote this before the Thursday night game. The 23 from Cinci is legit and should put Lumpalicious on upset alert. I will also note that the lineups will like change some before gametime as David Wilson is in the lineup for Lumpalicious.

Playoff Semi-Final #2 – Bad Mamma Jammas vs. Atomic Peckers

Yahoo! really is beating up on the Peckers with this projection, but I can’t really disagree, as I think my picture choice says it all. Unfortunately, the Peckers may be hanging their hat on the ’11 Apostles defense of “well, my best players were all hurt” and he’d be right with McCoy and Gronk out with injuries. The Gronk injury is a double whammy as it helps out Aaron Hernandez. Anyway, let’s get it on.

QB Play – Brady vs. Manning – I can only hope we get a chance to see this matchup in real life in the playoffs. Manning has had a great year and is an MVP candidate. Insert Brady’s name in that last sentence and it holds true as well. Manning plays the Ravens in Baltimore and even though this isn’t the Ravens of old, this isn’t an easy matchup. Brady has a tough draw against SF…but they play at home. After watching Brady toy with a very good Texans D last week, I’m banking on Brady to do it again. Advantage BMJ.

Ground Game – Foster & Lynch vs. AP & …Chris Ivory – Well…this one seems like a mismatch. AP has been amazing and even if we pencil him in for another stellar performance, Chris Ivory doesn’t really register as being worth it in this conversation. I’d say the advantage is obviously in favor of BMJ. Some even moderate roster management could have made this more competitive. Moreno, for instance, could have been won by Peck for just Waiver Priority and $0 in FAAB. Or how about a David Wilson signing? Leaving $80 in the bank does nothing for you now.

Pass Catchers – Thomas & Julio & Denarius & Hernandez vs. Wayne & Golden Tate & LaFell & Rudolph – Okay…first of all, I’m going to assume we’ll see Garcon and Steve Smith to go with Wayne and not Golden Tate and Brandon LaFell…but you know, I’m the last place team so what do I know. Those changes make this closer, but the odds are definitely still with BMJ on this one. The weak spot – Denarius Moore, had a great matchup. Thomas is a plus since it helps offset Peyton points. I think this is another advantage for BMJ.

D & K – Bryant & Lions vs. Gostkowski & GB – I think this is a push and again, it’s nothing that I can see that will turn the tide. I’ll say that the Peckers have the slight advantage because Cutler has been throwing a lot of TDs to the opposite team…in fact, the Vikings had more interception return yardage last week than they had passing yards from Christian Ponder…so there’s that.

I’m hoping that BMJ will come out with some interesting end of the season stats since he’s been tracking everything this year. We’ll surely see something come out, but until that time I wanted to go back and take a look at how I did in my start of the year projections. Believe it or not, I got 3 out of 4 playoff teams correct.

Team     Regular Season Finish    Projected finish

Atomic Peckers                 2nd                          1st

Ca$h Money                      4th                           2nd

Operation Domination   8th                           3rd

Lumpalicious                      1st                           4th

Hurricane Ditka                 10th                         5th

Dutch Mafia                       5th                           6th

Bacon Factory                    9th                           7th

Bad Mamma Jammas     3rd                           8th

Vote Dem                           7th                           9th

Apocalyptic Apostles      12th                         10th

The Good Team                 6th                           11th

Cold Jerky                           11th                         12th

What does all this mean? I’m taking a look at this and I’m overall pretty impressed. 3 out of 4 playoff teams correct, 3 teams within 1 spot of their final finish, 4 more within 2 spots.  I think some of the “movement” from my projections could be explained by some of the big trades. The “buyers” this year with significant investment in selling pieces of next year’s  draft picks were Dutch Mafia, The Good Team, Bad Mamma Jammas, and Vote Dem – all 4 improved from their average projected finish. The “sellers” this year were Hurricane Ditka, Bacon Factory, Apocalyptic Apostles, and Cold Jerky all finished lower than their projected finish.  This is what was somewhat surprising. Lumpalicious finished better than I would have thought, but I had him as a playoff team so I don’t feel too bad about that. Bad Mamma Jammas made a big move for Foster, which has certainly helped, but he’s also made a lot of other wise moves and some of the draft picks have paid off handsomely. This is the biggest upward move. The Good Team was also a buyer and basically bought an entirely new team with his 2 trades. The finish similarly improved prospects but it ended up as too little too late. On the flip side, Hurricane Ditka sold off Foster and another trade to the Good Team to take a talented team with some early season bad luck to a bottom of the league finish. I think all of these big movers can be explained by circumstances and the trades. The only outlier / bad call on my part was Operation Domination. I thought this was a playoff team and when OD got Charles and unloaded Turner, I thought it was game over. But Brees has put up a couple bad games and Murray’s been injured half the year and a lot of those WR bets didn’t pay off. I’m comfortable with saying, I was wrong about my greatest rival – he was worse than I expected. Just remember, OD:

Some of the specifics I put in my draft review / season preview article to note (quotes in italics):

Atomic Peckers: “There was a joke about the best of the 2000’s roster, but I’m a big fan here. Now, when analyzing I’m making a few assumptions and I’m refusing to factor in the fact that you will absolutely piss away a few wins with your management style. This is based on potential.

Like: McCoy – the more I examine the top 3 RBs, the more I’m convinced it’s McCoy who will win the fantasy crown. Peterson is Superman and if he comes back to 85% AP by week 6, you’re set up.

Dislike: WR3…Santonio Holmes?

Best Pick: Love the Garcon pick in the 7th

Biggest Reach: gotta be Holmes in the 8th

Key – Peyton Manning – I am a believer in Manning. Forget the haters, Manning will be back to doing his thing. Maybe the numbers won’t be top 5 worthy, but he’s not going to lose you anything. Assuming AP comes back strong, Manning will determine where this team winds up. But right now – start thinking about endorsement deals.”

This is called absolutely nailing it…too bad McCoy being hurt may be your downfall

Operation Domination: “Like: I like the passing game – I think it could be the strength of the team with Brees, Decker, Lloyd, Bowe and Pettigrew. Bowe was great value and is your WR3…pretty good. I think you’ve honestly got 3 WR2’s on this team, with Lloyd being a potential WR1 or WR3…if that makes sense.

Dislike: I have some questions at running back with this team (I know, rich coming from me). Can Murray carry the load all year? Is Turner slowing down or done? Is there enough depth to cover if these guys don’t make the grade?”

Sounds like I was too excited about those WRs…

Lumpalicious: “Like: A-Rod…duh. I love the RB depth (Kevin Smith, Ridley, Stewart to go with the oft-injured Mathews) and I’m a fan of having Colston as your WR3.

Dislike: Witten…I know he’s your guy but that’s a very serious injury he’s dealing with – dude could die. Also, I’m not sold on Vincent Jackson at all.

Best Pick: Colston in the 5th – he’s the #2 option in a top 3 offense

Biggest Reach: Vincent Jackson in the 4th…yeah, don’t like it

Key: Can you make the right choices early for RB2 to cover for Mathews now…and then do it again when Mathews goes down during the year?”

Pretty good analysis, although I seem to be somewhat on the wrong side of Vincent Jackson.

Hurricane Ditka: “Like: I like the running backs – who wouldn’t? Arian Foster and Fred Jackson make up the best backfield in the league to start the year. Having Doug Martin is a luxury and is valuable backup or trade chip. Ryan Williams may do something, may not, who knows

Dislike: Not getting Tate as described above. I also don’t like the QB situation. Rivers had a bad year last year and I don’t know that I love the situation this year. Big Ben is fighting a torn rotator cuff and a shaky offensive line with a compromised running game. I’m not sure you’ll get what you need from the QB spot.

Best Pick – Muscle Hamster in the 5th

Biggest Reach – Dez Bryant in the 4th

Key: If Fred Jackson can stay healthy, this backfield can carry you far – with or without the rest of the team.”

Think about this team staying the course with Foster and Doug Martin – I’ve seen a lot of rankings with them in the top 3 right now. Pretty good analysis me thinks.

Dutch Mafia: “Like: AJ Green even if he was taken higher than predicted – he wouldn’t come back to you. Taking Jordy right before me was expected and solid in the 4th. Love the value of Gates – big year out of him.

Dislike: Bradshaw in the 3rd – I think you’ll regret that. The Giants have one of the worst running games in the league and Bradshaw has bad feet (I know he’s a warrior, but I’ve avoided him like the plague).

Best Pick: Gotta go Gates in the 5th

Key: I’m going to say Romo. I could see him being QB5 or QB15 or QB injured. Lots of drama in Dallas this year.”

Way wrong on Gates. Right on everything else.

Those were the interesting ones. As for the Apostles, it was a tough year really. I managed to trade for CJ Spiller, only to see him injured for a couple weeks and lose the opportunity to take over the timeshare. I traded for Jamaal Charles at the absolute worst time, then traded him in my sell off to watch him perform well. I traded my #1, #2, #3, and #4 WRs this year (Nicks, Antonio Brown, Torrey Smith, Randall Cobb – no one wanted Lance Moore) but still managed to find some decent receiver talent to plug and play. Graham got hurt and didn’t pay 2nd round money. Stafford was quickly benched for RG3, so I really did have that bust covered pretty well until I made the decision to invest in next season, but wow, what a bust Stafford was. Crazy thing is, he’s likely to set a record for pass attempts in a season and he’s still going to be a bust. This is not a good qb – he will not be an apostle again. It really all comes back to the backfield and it started off horrible and just never established itself. Here’s my stable of nags:

  • Cedric Benson (5th rounder) – Weekly points of 1, 11, 11, 10, 4 and put on IR
  • Peyton Hillis (8th rounder) – Weekly points of 1, 5, 1 and high ankle sprain out for most of year (and off my team), started in week 1, that’s it
  • Jonathon Dwyer (drafted late) – 5, 3, -3, dropped when hurt, missed his 2 good games…
  • CJ Spiller (traded for week 2) – Weekly points of 30, 11, 0, 16, 10, 9, 13, 12, 12, 13, 4
  • Andre Brown (FA pickup week 3) – 26, 1, 0 – hurt and dropped, picked up by Dutch, traded back to me, scores 14, bye week, 12 on my bench but he was hurt and was put on IR
  • Ryan Williams (FA pickup week 4) – 2, 3 – hurt and dropped, put on IR
  • Vick Ballard (drafted late) – never played for me, dropped week 2
  • Jahvid Best (FA pickup week 6) – never played at all, wasted FAAB, dropped week 7
  • Bilal Powell (FA pickup week 6) – never played for me, 1 point week 6, dropped week 7
  • Alex Green (FA pickup week 6) – Weekly points of 6, 5, 7, 7, 0, 5
  • Jamaal Charles (traded for in week 7) – Weekly points of bye week, 0 (against the freakin Raiders), 5, traded away
  • Mark Ingram (FA pickup week 11) – Weekly points of 12 (bench), 2, 7, 6
  • Rashad Jennings (FA pickup week 11) – Weekly points of 0 – injured and dropped, picked back up, weekly points of 2, injured and dropped again. Fool me twice shame on me.
  • Jalene Parmele (FA pickup week 12) – Weekly points of 4, injured, put on IR

That’s 14 RBs on my roster at one point or another and 11 of them recorded at least 1 start. A lot of those guys were hurt at some point & some wound up on the IR list. You want to make an argument that Spiller was worth it? Besides the week of 30, there isn’t a great game in there but I respect the somewhat consistent floor (week 14 not withstanding). Holding on to Charles would have helped? Sure, but not where I needed it. A goose egg against the raiders and a paltry 5 points doesn’t pay the bills, especially when Randall Cobb took off on OD’s squad, becoming the best player in that trade.

At the end of the day, the 1 point loss against BMJ (stat correction and the Cutty sack) really hurt the outlook and laying two consecutive eggs against the ‘Canes and Cold Jerky sealed the deal for this team. I am very excited for next year though as I should be able to cobble together a respectable lineup.

Now, for the total implausible, never would happen even if I had a crystal ball, they’re all going to laugh at you Dream Draft Team based on total hindsight. The rules? Draft from my #9 spot and can only take guys lower than where they were drafted. Here’s my team:

1st Round, 9th overall – AJ Green, drafted 2nd round, 15th overall (not even on my radar)

2nd Round, 4th pick – Adrian Peterson, drafted 2nd round 9th pick (sure, I flirted with it, but I didn’t have the cajones – hats off to Peckers)

3rd Round, 9th pick – Victor Cruz, drafted 4th round 1st pick (I picked the wrong Giant)

4th Round, 4th pick – Doug Martin (I actually thought about this but thought he’d last…ugh)

5th round, 9th pick – Demaryius Thomas (I was wrong to not target him anywhere)

6th round, 4th pick – Tony Gonzalez (No one has ever lost money on drafting this guy)

7th round, 9th pick – RG3 (yeah, I drafted him in the 9th, but I’ll step it up)

8th round, 4th pick – CJ Spiller (He would have been a great RB3)

9th round, 9th pick – Andrew Luck (Pairs well with RG3)

10th round, 4th pick – Randall Cobb (yep, keeping him – I had it working in rounds 9 & 10…)

11th round – Houston D (keeping them as well, this has been a great play almost all year)

12th round – Alfred Morris (seriously, OD got this guy in the 13th round)

13th round – Greg the Leg! (so I could say I drafted this guy before anyone heard of him)

14th & 15th rounds – random bears players so they get drafted somewhere…we’ll say Kyle Adams and Eric Weems

This draft would give me the #1 and 9 QBs, the #3, 5, 6, and 12 WRs, the #1, 3, 10, and 11 RBs and the #2 TE. With that team…I might have a shot at beating those playoff teams…

How about you, gamers? Where did you go right? Or wrong? Who surprised you or disappointed you to the verge of tears? The floor is yours.


Week 9 Preview – The Office Edition

4 Nov

Last year we put in a rule that you could trade draft picks for players. We got exactly 2 trades involving picks. One was Antonio Gates, a guy that was battling a foot injury all year and was basically half the man he used to be, for a 7th rounder. The other was a swap of Nicks/Bowe for some lower picks. That was it. We had put in a rule – a maximum of 2 trades involving draft picks, buying or selling. Meaning, only 2 trades total, regardless of whether you were “buying” or “selling” draft picks to make a trade happen. Last year, that rule seemed laughable since no one was doing anything with this new rule. This year, well, it makes a lot of sense. Here’s an update on who can and who can’t make more trades before the deadline:

2 Trades on the books – no more draft pick trades: Cold Jerky (seller), Hurricane Ditka (seller), Good Team (buyer), Vote Dem (buyer)

1 Trade on the books – one more possible: Apocalyptic Apostles (seller), Ca$h Money (buyer), Bacon Factory (seller), Dutch Mafia (buyer), Bad Mamma Jammas (buyer), Lumpalicious (opportunist)

0 Trades on the books – two more possible: Atomic Peckers, Operation Domination

So, that’s really pretty interesting. Only 2 teams haven’t made a trade involving a draft pick – the Peckers, a 6-2 favorite who likely believes he can make a go without help, and a 3 time champion who apparently thinks this season isn’t worth getting in the scrum for and would rather play it out straight up. Otherwise, we’ve really seen this new tool take off this year. As always, I’m willing to discuss tweaks in the offseason (restriction on what week you can start using picks?) but I truly believe this is an interesting piece of the puzzle here. By my count, we could have a maximum of only 5 more moves involving traded picks if everyone maxed out and while I don’t see it getting there, I do think we’ll see maybe 2 more.

Let me also say this – I’ve been to the playoffs 4 times and I have no championships – I’d give up a high draft pick to put myself in position to get one, no question. Yes, there is a risk of making a move and having it not pay off and maybe the market will respond to this point in future years. But, think about it this way, even if you’ve given up a high pick or two does not mean that you won’t have a good team next year, it just means you’ll need to build your team differently. Plus, just because you have a high extra pick or two doesn’t mean you’re automatically in the playoffs. This fantasy game is a funny thing.

I may have mentioned it but in another league, I sold off McCoy and Marshall for a 2 and a 3 because I was 2-4 and my team continued to disappoint. Now I’m sitting at 4-4 with a legit shot at winning this week and the last place team on my schedule next week…I could be looking at a 6-4 squad right in the thick of it without my two best players. Was I stupid to sell? Maybe, but I did what I thought was right at the time. At the end of the day – this is all for fun, so hopefully this twist has helped make it a little more fun for everyone.

Besides the top two teams, Lumpalicious and Atomic Peckers, I think we can all agree this thing is wide open. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the standings. The next 6 teams are all within a game of a playoff spot and the newly pumped up Good Team and the Apostles are down but not mathematically out of it. That’s 8 out of 12 with a good shot and another 2 teams still clinging to some hope of a miracle run. The only ones out of it are Cold Jerky and the ‘Canes…and the Jerks knocked out the Apostles last week by starting the entire SF team.

We’ll probably get into some schedule analysis next week as 6 weeks remaining is just too much to worry about but consider this: The top 8 teams all play each other this weekend – no one gets a free pass. The 3-8 places going into this week could completely jumble depending on what happens this week and we could be looking at a whole new world by Tuesday morning. Because we have such a compelling lineup this weekend, I’m not giving a game of the week as you could argue there are 4 games of the week. To honor The Office’s last season, we’re theming the games with the best characters from the show. Let’s get into it:

Interesting Game #1 – The Michael Scott Game. Steve Carell is extremely funny and this show really helped him go mainstream. I remember watching Steven vs. Stephen on Daily show with Carell and Colbert and they’ve both done very well for themselves.

Lumpalicious (6-2) vs. Vote Dem (4-4) Lumpalicious leads series 4-2

The current #1 vs. the #6 ranked team provides us with an excellent first go at this crazy schedule. A few weeks ago, I gave Vote Dem the kiss of death by proclaiming him the front runner. Since then, Eli has been pedestrian and MJD has literally turned into a pedestrian…albeit a gimpy one. Not protecting MJD with Jennings and not going after him with a pocket full of shells in FAAB money looked like the death kill. We’ll see how worth it Jonathan Stewart was and if Jeremy Maclin in the matchups of all matchups comes back to bite you in the ass. I don’t know if I agree with Mike Williams over James Jones or carrying 2 kickers – but this is a brave new world. Mathews started the week off with a lackluster 6 points and it makes me want to pick the Demers. I think Vote Dem comes to their senses and starts James Jones, and Eli to Cruz comes back for a 2 TD game – advantage Vote Dem.

Interesting Game #2 – The Dwight Shrute Game. Remembering how much I really liked this show, I remember thinking how brilliant they got Dwight’s character. Maybe we don’t know anyone this extreme at our workplaces, but I’ll bet you we have someone who comes annoyingly close. The Dwight-Jim battles are what made this show successful.

Dutch Mafia (5-3) vs. Atomic Peckers (6-2) Dutch Mafia leads series 4-3

By the records, this would be the game of the week, and this game is a straight up projected tie (assuming Peckers start Golden Tate and counting the +1 over projection Gates has, it’s 95-95). So, it all comes down to matchups. I actually like Manning over Ryan and I like McCoy then Forte then AP then Bradshaw so advantage to the Peckers. However, I like AJ then Steve Smith then Titus then Wayne then Smith then Tate. So, slight advantage back to DM. Believe it or not, I think that the GB defense is going to win this game because Arizona’s offense is one of those gift matchups for a team defense and 14 projected points (wow) actually seems reasonable and I’d be surprised if it wasn’t surpassed. Not often I pick a game on defense, but there it is, Peckers continue dominance to go 7-2.

Interesting Game #3 – The Kevin Malone Game. I think Kevin is my favorite supporting role in the show. No one does stupid quite as well as Kevin Malone. My favorite is when the new HR person starts and thinks kevin is mentally, well, slow…

Bad Mamma Jammas (5-3) vs. Ca$h Money (4-4) BMJ leads 4-3

I tend to think that this is the most intriguing game on the schedule this week and I’ll tell you why. BMJ is focused on the playoff hunt. Trading, per usual, has been a cornerstone of this franchise and they simply do not take any week for granted. That being said, this is the toughest bye week for this team as Tom Brady and Hernandez are sipping Mai Tai’s. Btw, here’s the fun thing about this BMJ squad – take a look at the bench: Not counting the bye week guys, there’s Dez Bryant, Reggie Bush, Ben Tate (handcuff), and Rashad Jennings. Those are all guys that could be starting on someone’s roster – that’s the way to build a team. Filling the Brady/Hernandez slots are Freeman and Jared Cook…only about 20 cents on the dollar there. This is why the BMJ are ripe for the picking this week, despite the obscene matchup for Arian Foster. Ca$h money counters with, imo anyway, one of the best if not the best WR corps with newly acquired RG3 and Heath Miller. Basically, Ca$h needs to win the QB, WR/TE game by more than he’ll lose the RB game, assuming the K/DEF is a wash. I’m going to go ahead and say that yes, indeed, Ca$h Money pulls this one out and vaults into a 3rd place tie at 5-4.

Kind of interesting game – Jim Halpert Game. In many ways, this is Jim’s show. The central romance of the show is Jim. The “career growth” of the show is Jim. The hijinx on the show center around Jim and Dwight. I know most will think this is Michael Scott’s show – but it’s really Jim’s. And well, in many ways, this league is Operation Domination’s… I also picked this picture because I know Bacon likes this episode – Bears, Beets, Battlestar Gallactica

Operation Domination (4-4) vs. Bacon Factory (4-4) Bacon leads 4-2

So, this one isn’t maybe as interesting as the others as these two teams seem kinda…well, like longshots at this point. Look, the Bacon Factory sold off pieces to the Good Team…which was somewhat unexpected and now seems kind of odd given the records of those two teams, but the point is, it was a white flag moment. OD just seems like a mess. With more talented rosters out there competing for the same spot, I’m starting to believe this OD squad is not going to make a run. What does that mean? Well, we’ll finally have a 3rd champion in this league as Cold Jerky is already out of it. As far as this matchup goes, the Bacon Factory is saying “thank you Kansas City offense for sucking so hard” as the SD defense put up a glittering 25 and held Dwayne “I can’t believe you didn’t trade me” Bowe to 4 points. Update the projection at OD 87 to BF 103. While I don’t see a lot of gamebreakers on either team this week, I like Newton to exceed the 19 projected against that awful Washington defense. Look for Bacon to build a big enough lead in on Sunday and resist the Brees on MNF. Bacon wins a tough one.

Desperation game or Futility game of the week #1 – Toby Flenderson Game. Toby’s character is brilliant in its simplicity. First of all, he’s the HR guy, which just has to be an awful job. Second, he has to deal with the cast on here. I think his character is perfect and he’s probably just as disappointed in these two teams as he was with the public school system letting down Dwight in sex education…”Toby, where is the clitoris? Wikipedia says it’s at the top of the labial fold…what does that mean?”

Apocalyptic Apostles (3-5) vs. Hurricane Ditka (2-6) Apostles lead 4-3

I’m not exactly surprised at what happened to the Apostles last week, but it was still disappointing. I had assumed that last week and this week would be easy wins, I’d be at 5-4 and I’d have a shot at making a run. My team laid an egg, again, and it’s time to start facing the facts. There really isn’t anything exciting on this ‘Canes roster anymore and even with the RG3 trade, this Apostles team still appears like it could put up points. However, I don’t see any really great matchups and we could be talking about a first one to 80 wins. I’m going to pick myself just because I’d like to believe the Saints guys will have a big week with Sproles hurt. Apostles hold out hope for a week.

Desperation game or Futility game of the week #2 – Andy Bernard Game. I like Ed Helms and I think Andy is pretty funny, but definitely not as funny as the rest of the crew above. He does dress well, even if he disappoints otherwise, and it seems perfect to make the well dressed fraternity man the theme for these two guys…

The Good Team (3-5) vs. Cold Jerky (2-6) CJ leads series 4-1

Well…Yahoo doesn’t have this one as even a close race and I think that since Cold Jerky is currently planning on starting a guy with a broken hand and everyone else is on bye, we can safely say that the Good Team will prevail and cling to the razor thin playoff chance. Seriously folks – who knows, this team could make a run.

Ginger of the Week – Ellie Kemper! In honor of The Office’s last season, we honor Ellie Kemper, the adorable redhead that took over Pam’s old receptionist job. I stopped watching the show around the time that Ellie was cast, but she’d be worth tuning in for. She’s super cute.

Crazy 8’s Preview

25 Oct

Do you guys remember the card game “Crazy 8’s”? Yeah, me either. It’s something that I’ve heard of but I’ve never actually played. How have I been able to get through life without playing it? Anyway, this preview is in honor of that game…because there are things in this league I just did not see coming.

Before we get into it, I just want to discuss my pickup and play of Chris Givens. Every once in awhile, I’ll dig in somewhere and find someone that intrigues me. Be it an opportunity for playing time – a next man up situation – or just a guy I’ve caught a flash of that seems more talented than the guy ahead of him, it’s a guy that I find interesting for one reason or another. I’m not counting the tips you get from the fantasy articles – just plain, good ole fashioned research and gut feel. Chris Givens was that kind of guy last week. He put up 80 yfs and now he’s a guy on all the lists as his role is expanding. It also turns out he was the WRONG guy to play last week as Roberts would have got me the tie – however, that’s not my point – the point is that sometimes it is totally cool and fun to just take a chance on a guy. If he’s on your bench, that’s fine, but it’s even better if you’ve got the balls to throw him in the lineup. I’ve scored with this before (see: Hillis, Peyton 2010) and completely whiffed by not taking the chance before (see: Cruz, Victor 2011). I know I’ve seen others do the same with Lumpalicious finding Stevie Johnson. I’m not necessarily encouraging you to suddenly become like the Apostles or the Bad Mamma Jammas – highly active roster management guys – or change your style at all, but maybe, just maybe, when you’ve got a feeling, just go for it.

Game of the Week

Bad Mamma Jammas (4-3) vs. Dutch Mafia (5-2)

Nine wins between these two teams makes this GOTW part 1. The BMJ are good borderline great right now with a lot of good looking names. Yeah, it’s Foster’s bye, but good matchups for Lynch and Dez, not to mention the likely 20+ for Demaryius Thomas. It also helps to have Julio as it takes the potential sting out of a big game from Matt Ryan. The Dutch Mafia are going to miss AJ Green and I’m not sure I see any huge breakout potential from anyone on this roster. This really is a huge matchup in the grand scheme of the league, and it is Crazy 8’s for me to understand how Dutch Mafia has 5 wins given the completely inconsistent point totals, running back injuries, and early QB struggles. 5-2 at the midpoint is very hard to fumble away, especially with such a solid roster of guys that are getting healthy. The luck of the Dutch? Maybe so. I’m going to side with BMJ here, even if it is the kiss of death, because I need some fantasy karma to even out.

 Operation Domination (4-3) vs. Atomic Peckers (5-2)

The other 9 win game is a GOTW part 2. Here’s a double Crazy 8’s for you – how in the world does OD’s team look so pedestrian this week while he of the 2 WR set, the starter of Golden Tate, the guy that has made fewer moves than I’ve made since the start of this article is sitting at 5-2? What’s crazier? I can’t see this going any other way that OD adding to the 4-4 crew and the Peckers earning a 6th win.

Apocalyptic Apostles (3-4) vs. Cold Jerky (1-6) Jerks lead series 4-3

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one except that the Apostles just have to win it. There is basically no margin for error now and the next two games are absolute layups. If the Apostles lose, it’s over, sell the farm, settle in for 2013. Alex Green gets another start – he of the 2 ypc – but this will be the last action he is likely to see for the Apostles, and he’s got an excellent matchup with which to spit the bit on against the Jags. Jamaal Charles makes his first appearance as an Apostle and against an amazing matchup. Incredibly low point prediction from our friends at Yahoo for Charles in this one as if he’s not in the 20’s I’ll be shocked. Most annoying thing about this one is that half the Jerk squad plays on MNF. Here’s something I think I did see coming – Cold Jerky taking the year off after a championship – I’m excited to see the 2013 championship squad though.

The Good Team (3-4) vs. Lumpalicious (5-2) Lumpa leads 4-2

So, The Good Team makes a move, indicating that they think they’ve got a shot this year. I must say that I’m a bit surprised as I don’t see the math working out on that one, a bit of Crazy 8’s, but I respect the gusto. Big Ben is an upgrade over the Cutler/Schaub duo, but still not a topflight option. Fitzy gives a legit WR corps and there’s still Ray Rice (on bye) so overall this team is at least competitive on paper. That being said – the toughest of tough draws with Lumpalicious this week. I realize I keep changing my mind on the frontrunner, but I can’t see anyone but Lumpalicious being the guy right now. Rodgers has the easiest matchup ever in Jax (seriously, 32 projected points, that’s not fair) and Jennings, Greg remains out so James Jones is still relevant. I see Lumpalicious delivering that critical 5th loss to The Good Team, forcing a reality check.

Vote Dem (4-3) vs. Bacon Factory (3-4) Vote Dem leads 4-3

So…Crazy 8’s here…I don’t really think the Bacon Factory has a competitive roster for a playoff team and a week ago I was proclaiming Vote Dem the best team in the league…and I can’t see how we don’t get two 4-4 teams coming out of this game. Vote Dem made an unfortunate mistake in not handcuffing their best player with Rashad Jennings and now that MJD will miss “several weeks” the Vote Demers are stuck with, ah, yep, Joique Bell…seriously, Joique Bell is the answer we’re looking for. With T-Rich on the mend and the Manning-Cruz connection facing a stout Dallas pass defense, I’m not liking Vote Dem at all. Add to that, Megatron can’t have any confidence after Charles Tillman made him look like, well, a very average WR. Seriously, Tillman was awesome. Anyway, Bacon’s got fantastic matchups. If Run DMC doesn’t deliver this weekend, he never will and New Orleans hands out double digit points to opponents so hoorah for McGahee. I’ll take the side of Bacon.

Hurricane Ditka (2-5) vs. Ca$h Money (3-4) ‘Canes lead 7-3

Can’t really say much here – clearly the ‘Canes have packed it in and Ca$h has been showing some spark. I’ll roll with Ca$h here, adding to the 4-4 teams.

By my count, that will put 5 teams at 4-4, 2 at 5-3, and 2 at 6-2. That’s 9 teams of 12 that will still think they have a shot at the end of week 8.

Ginger of the Week – Crazy Lindsay Lohan!

To celebrate Crazy 8’s week, the craziest ginger of them all – Lindsay Lohan takes center stage. Sorry guys, no sexy pictures – just one of the many mugshots. Seriously, what is with these women?


Lucky 7 Preview – Makin’ Moves

21 Oct

Caption: I think that’s Willis McGahee up front, Edgerin James in the back, and Plaxico is somewhere…

Sorry about the late post – I’ve had a crazy week and just finished running 13.1 miles…well, running the first half and limping the second half, but whatever, I got it done. Let’s get into it before the slate of games starts.

What an exciting week of trades we had! Cold Jerky decided (rightfully) to throw in the towel on the year and sell his best two players for future draft choices. The Dutch Mafia struck first, surrendering their 2nd round selection in 2013 for the Atlanta Falcons signal caller, Matty Ice Ryan. Cold Jerky made Matty Ice the 1st pick of the 2nd round this year and he has come through as a consistent presence inside the top 5 of the QBs. Cold Jerky knows his QBs… It is still hard for me to think of Matt Ryan as a top tier guy, but he’s making his case this year. This move helps stabilize the QB position for Dutch Mafia, who played with fire last week in starting Alex Smith one too many times, and he can now sit Romo who will likely now be the #1 QB for the rest of the season because, well, it’s Tony Romo – he’s predictably unpredictable.

The second trade of the week saw Victor Cruz, he of the Latin Salsa TD dance, change zip codes to the home of frontrunner Vote Dem. It was impressive to see the team that I would consider the best in the league make a move for a top 5 WR. This wasn’t a weakness on the Vote Dem squad – Stevie Johnson, Jeremy Maclin, and Mike Williams are all fine options depending on matchups and health – but you can’t argue with adding a playmaker. Victor Cruz now gives Vote Dem the deadly QB-WR double TD threat and pairs unbelievably with Calvin Johnson. Let us not forget that this team may have the best backfield in the league with MJD and Richardson, to go along now with the best WR corps, and an ageless TE who is absolutely killing it. Most importantly, this Chicago Bears defense is the best in the league. There is no weakness on this team, only strength.

As for Cold Jerky – incredibly well done to sell the top two assets within hours of each other for fair but also high end prices. Cold Jerky will likely, lottery pending, see a high 1st round draft pick, and then have two possibly high 2nd rounders. Even Cold Jerky can’t screw that up.

The third big trade of the year came between the oldest rivals in NGC fantasy – AA and OD. The 3-3 squads made a move that will help both squads moving forward as both try to see if they can somehow, some way, get into this crazy race. Jamaal Charles is the centerpiece of this trade as this now (hopefully) solidifies the Apostles backfield. Don’t look now, but if the Apostles can regain health, this squad looks pretty good from top to bottom, including 2 of the top Saints weapons, a dynamic Charles and Spiller backfield, a topflight WR in Nicks, and then this dreadlocked guy who’s only been one of the most accurate passers in the league while outpacing many running backs in yards and TDs. What’s not to like about this team? It’s setting up to be an interesting race for 2nd place in the league as we all chase Vote Dem.

Game of the Week

Vote Dem (4-2) vs. Atomic Peckers (4-2)  Vote Dem leads series 4-2

I see a changing of the guard in this game. The pre-season darling Atomic Peckers have had a great first half, but have gone out of their way to try and manage this team into a 7-7 squad. Vote Dem has been making shrewd moves and even went out and got a top flight wideout, making a statement that this is the year of the Dem…good news for Obama. I see no reason to doubt the ginger as Vote Dem will look to Eli Manning and Victor Cruz to carve up the weak Washington Redskins pass defense – seriously folks, that game looks like a lot of fun and whatever the over/under line is, I want the over. Vote Dem easy.

Apocalyptic Apostles (3-3) vs. Lumpalicious (4-2) Apostles lead series 4-1

Another good one with the Apostles fighting to stay in the hunt against the highest scoring team of the league…and don’t look now, but it appears that Mr. Rodgers just moved back into the neighborhood. 52 points from your QB…well, you don’t need much more than that. The Apostles are scrappy and they’re a little short at WR now that two guys that would have started this week are now on Operation Domination and we’re starting a guy that I had never heard of a week ago today. Let’s hope the Rams throw it long and connect with Chris Givens once or twice. While I think the Apostles have a shot, the stars have to align. Rodgers needs to be controlled while we need to see some serious points out of RG3. As much as I need this one, I think Lumpa wins, but fails to cover the spread.

Operation Domination (3-3) vs. Bad Mamma Jammas (4-2) Series tied 3-3

The third good game on the schedule. OD finds itself in a very tricky spot as they are underdogs and staring 3-4 in the face against a good BMJ squad. OD will need to see the new additions get acclimated to the play calling early if they want to pull the upset. However, I just don’t see it getting done and I think BMJ, on the strength of Arian Foster having a legitimate yardage game, comes out on top. It will be interesting to see if a 3-4 OD team can handle adversity.

The Good Team (2-4) vs. Bacon Factory (3-3) Bacon leads series 5-2-1

Bacon wins.

Hurricane Ditka (2-4) vs. Dutch Mafia (4-2) Series tied 3-3

It’d be nice to see the ‘Canes win back to back games since it would help the Apostles to see DM fall back to the pack. I actually think he’s got a shot. Big Ben is going to have a nice game tonight and I really like the chances of a crazy stat game for Felix Jones – yes, you heard me. I’ll be surprised if Felix doesn’t top 100 and 1 TD, but I’m predicting 150 yfs and 2 TD to help the ‘Canes to a surprising win.

Futility Matchup

Cold Jerky (1-5) vs. Ca$h Money (2-4) Ca$h leads 4-3

Cold Jerky has a clear path to a 3rd championship…in 2013. Next step will be losing to a Ca$h team with some decent talent on the payroll. Look for Ca$h to have no problems in this one.

Ginger of the Week – Christina Hendricks…yes, we used her last year, but she could arguably be ginger of the week every week. Plus, the Peckers have been critical of GOTW picks and you know what, i’m running out of gingers!

Week 6, pick up sticks, Preview – “So you’re saying there’s a chance?”

11 Oct

What was all that 1 in a million talk? That’s what a few of us will be saying come Monday or Tuesday morning as some of us will drop a decisive game. 1-5 is doomed. 2-4 is on life support and unless you’ve just been unlucky, you’re probably toast. So, there is a lot to play for this week for some of us. For others, well, just business as usual. I’d like to see if my team can get through the week healthy…that’d be different. Seriously, I’m not sure that’s happened yet this year.

The Apostles and the ‘Canes, while likely losing this week, will be facing off in a very interesting matchup in the ShiShi Foo Dogs league run by the ‘Canes with some high school friends. In that league, my squad (Grid Ironborn) takes on the Winterfell Direwolves in a game that determines whether or not I sell my players for picks or fight on. My team probably should be called Paper Tigers because I have a fantastic team on paper with Peyton/Romo, Harvin, B-Marshall, Nicks, McCoy, McFadden, and Gates leading the way to a 2-3 start. This year has been an absolute wow factor for me.

The Bears and Saints area off, which puts a few of us in a pickle…I mean, what will Vote Dem do without the Bears D? Panthers are also out but that really doesn’t matter to anyone – including the Bacon Factory as Luck has assumed the reins. Since the Bears are off, I don’t really have to worry about focusing on any one game and since I’m basically on death’s door in the fantasy department, I can just enjoy football for football sakes.

I’m probably most excited about the Pack heading to Houston for a showdown against the undefeated Texans on SNF. I love the idea of 2-4 for the Pack to start the year…makes me feel better about what my record will likely be after this week. I haven’t had the opportunity to watch much of the Texans, so I’ll get a chance to see the new BMJer, Mr. Arian Foster. That trade started some buzz around the league as the ‘Canes and BMJ have signaled a new dawn in the NGC – big picks for big players. The ice has been broken – come on in, the water is surprising pleasant.

Game of the Week

Vote Dem (4-1) vs. Bad Mamma Jammas (3-2) BMJ leads series 4-3

We’ve got a good one going here with what may be the current favorite Vote Dem playing a rejuvenated BMJ squad, fresh off a gigantic trade. The statement was made – BMJ is making a move this year. I think you have to like BMJ this week for the sole purpose of Vote Dem giving away one roster spot by starting Joique Bell…and this is coming from a guy that has started 7 different backs in 6 weeks…wtf is that move? Anyway, tough matchup for Megatron and Eli’s isn’t much better. BMJ wins it. By the way…when did Justin Tuck start kicking? That guy does it all – defense for the Giants, schleps for Subway, kicks for Baltimore?!

Apocalyptic Apostles (2-3) vs. Bacon Factory (3-2) Apostles lead series 4-1

The once a year meeting between these two squads has been fairly one sided and these two playoff teams from a year ago, while they didn’t actually face each other, did impact the league standings. The Apostles dropped the Giants D, which led the BF to plug and play, sitting the Bills D, who of course erupted for like 50 points. If the Apostles don’t make that move, Bacon Factory, not Cold Jerky, wins the 2011 Gnome. Lesson to learn here – I’m cursed. This week is do-or-die for the Apostles and nothing but tough road matchups with the exception of RG3 (assuming he plays). Fun stat – the Apostles will start their 5th different running back combination in 6 weeks using a combined 7 different running backs: Benson/Hillis, Dwyer/Spiller, Spiller/Andre Brown, Benson/Ryan Williams twice, Spiller/Alex Green. Look for Jahvid Best to be the 8th if he’s cleared for takeoff and I’m sure there will be more. On the other side, Luck leads the Bacon Factory into some tough matchups as well. Folks, this game is going to be ugly. If it was an NFL game, it’d be Cleveland/Oakland – in Cleveland! You’re only watching if you’re forced to or bribed with alcoholic beverages. I’m going with the Bacon Factory because this Apostles team can’t stay on the field and the Saints’ bye hurts me more than most.

The Good Team (1-4) vs. Atomic Peckers (4-1) Good Team leads series 3-2

Yet another opportunity for the Peckers to play a 2WR set with Steve Smith on bye. Once again, I prefer the Peckers with 2WR over what the Good Team is offering. Actually, to be fair, the Good Team does have Rice against Dallas, Wallace at Tennessee, and Roddy against Oakland so there could be some points here. Just too much talent though on the other side to ignore and I think the Peckers win a game they should.

Lumpalicious (3-2) vs. Ca$h Money (2-3) Series tied at 3 apiece

Ca$h Money is on a little bit of a roll lately and it’s to the point where the big sexy is starting to think he’s got a shot. And why not? He’s got Percy, he’s got um, Michael Vick, he’s got Percy, he’s got uhhh Michael Turner and Frank Gore. Did I mention Percy? Seriously, this team is full of guys I don’t like and Percy Harvin. Sorry, but Lumplicious just has more to like. I keep pushing my chips on this team and I’ll continue to do so this week – Lumpalicious has ‘em lined down the block just to watch what he gots.

Operation Domination (3-2) vs. Dutch Mafia (3-2) DM leads series 5-4

Good series split here and an excellent matchup of 3-2 squads facing each other during a week of hardship (No Brees, No Forte). I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I think Operation Domination is one of the teams to beat and I think that Dutch Mafia is overrated. That said, I like Ponder to kill his projection (think 25 points) in his coming out party (everyone plays better in an OD uniform) and I like Bowe to continue the garbage time success. Key game here is the Minnesota /Washington game, which I have slated as a shootout.

Futility Matchup

Cold Jerky (1-4) vs. Hurricane Ditka (1-4) ‘Canes lead series 5-1

This one is ugly. I tend to think this is going to come down to the QB and they both have good matchups. Big Ben goes tonight and I need him to throw some TDs to Miller &/or Brown…seriously, like send them all that way please – F-you Rashard Mendenhall, go back to the IR. Anyway, Matt Ryan’s game against the Raiders will be better – that’s one of those can’t miss – hapless opponent at home. I don’t see any other game changers in this one (ok, ok, victor Cruz vs. Fitzgerald is interesting too, but let’s call it a wash) so I’m going to go with Cold Jerky.

Ginger of the Week

We need an attractive girl don’t we? How about this chick?

Recognize her? How about if I used this image?

That’s right! The new Wendy’s girl is hot! I’m a big fan. If I hadn’t boycotted fast food for the last 5+ years, I might stop in for a Spicy Chicken Fillet…will someone enjoy one on my behalf?

The Voice Gingers Update

So, my worst fears were realized. Only 1 ginger performed in the battle rounds this week. Caitlin lost her battle. This is not the fear. She was “stolen” by Ceelo – now Ceelo is in violation of the No Gingers Club rule with 2 gingers! I like Ceelo, but the man needs to follow the rules. I can only imagine the panic this is sending through the Vegas odds makers. So, after the first week of battles, the gingers are 0-1, but we still have 4 gingers. 

Week 5 preview

4 Oct


Say it ‘ain’t so stat correction…

Week 5 Preview – No Mo’ Romo (I had to…I’m running the Mo’ Cowbell half marathon on Sunday)

I can guarantee you one thing this week – Tony Romo will not throw an interception…enjoy your time off Tony – I can only imagine your nights have been filled with images of Navy and Orange stepping in front of everything you throw. Apparently the “D” stands for Disaster – wow, I’m sure Obama would have declared Texas a disaster area if he wasn’t too busy celebrating the awesomeness that was the Chicago Bears defense. Fun fact for those not paying attention – when Vote Dem’s Chicago Defense needed to come up with a big night against Dutch Mafia’s Tony Romo, the Bears delivered more than was expected. Each time Romo threw to the other team (or randomly flipped it underhand), that was a 5 point swing for Vote Dem. The 2 pick 6’s? Yeah, 11 point plays. In other words…pretty awesome.

I’m still stinging a bit from the last random cutler bootleg sack play that tied up the score between the Apostles and BMJ. Yeah, I know that it was a bit of a longshot for me to win that game anyway, but it was disappointing to see the squad fight for a lead and give it back in meaningless time. Then the stat correction…ugh.

Okay, on to the new week – by now, you’ve got some clarity of your roster and the bye weeks start to hurt. With the Cowboys, Lions, Raiders, and Bucs taking time off to discuss their collective crappiness, the rest of the league fights on in what appears to be a real forgettable week of nfl matchups. Hey, not every week can be a winner…unless you’re Peck in a 2 WR set.

I’m running a race on Sunday in the St. Louis area and will likely miss at least the first part of the Bears afternoon tilt against the Jags and won’t be able to follow my key matchup against the Peckers until partway through the afternoon contests. Hopefully, someone will be available to provide me an update…


Game of the Week

Vote Dem (3-1) vs. Operation Domination (3-1) OD leads series 9-0…seriously? Wow…

I keep looking for the weak link in the Operation Domination outfit and I’m not seeing it. Top flight QB? Check. Strong backfield? Check! (Alfred Morris and Jamaal Charles is very strong) Solid WR Corps? Check. Championship intimidation? Check, check, check!!! Seriously though, this year has just turned into Operation Domination versus the field…and I’m not giving great odds on the field. OD does not take kindly to missing the playoffs and is looking to reclaim his place atop the fantasy community. OD is solid up and down the lineup this week and I even like Charles against the Ravens to get his. I think it’s safe to say that OD is matchup proof. His challenger this week is Vote Dem. Yeah, a nice story, true. And let’s be honest, Vote Dem is starting to make some real, legitimate fantasy football start/sit decisions, building on a surprisingly solid draft. Vote Dem has it rough this week with Megatron out…but a nice pickup of Hixon. However, I’m not so sure I can picture Vote Dem beating an Operation Domination team that is hitting on all cylinders and, did you see the series split? 9-0 moves to a perfect 10-0.

Apocalyptic Apostles (2-2) vs. Atomic Peckers (3-1) Apostles lead series 4-2

Tough blow for the Peckers – he sets a 3 WR lineup and loses his first game of the year. Good to see Garcon back on the field, even if all he could do is recover a fumble for a TD, taking away points from RG3 (the review looked like he had the six…but whatever, I’m not bitter). Tough news on Holmes, who just got placed on IR today. Luckily, that was the Peckers WR4 and Wayne comes back in to the lineup without missing a beat. McCoy is matchup proof and you get that feeling of old of a Peyton vs. Patriots feel that he could put up nice numbers. On the other side, it looks like Nicks might be out again and we haven’t seen enough from this Apostles running game all year to have confidence in the steady points needed to win a game like this. I can’t see this one staying close and I think the night games will need to come trough to have a shot. Look for the Peckers to go 4-1, sending the Apostles home with their tail between their legs.

The Good Team (1-3) vs. Bad Mamma Jammas (2-2) Good Team leads 4-2

With a combined 2 wins between them, this game sets up as the futility game of the week. However, don’t be fooled, one of these teams can easily get back in the scrum here. I’m curious what the final decision will be in the battle of QB2’s on the Good Team roster – will it be Jay Cutler against the Jags or Schaub against the Jets. Wisdom would say Cutty, but who knows with this team. The starts have to lead in this one for the Good Team and by that I mean Roddy and Ray Ray. I think that Roddy will have a good one but will lose the matchup with teammate Julio but Ray Ray will carry Steven Jackson (ugh, tough matchup) along with him to outperform the BMJ backfield. So, I’ve got this coming down to Brady…and as we learned last week – don’t bet against Team Tom Brady. BMJ to get back to .500.

Cold Jerky (1-3) vs. Dutch Mafia (2-2) DM leads series 3-2-1

You’ve got to feel pity for a team that puts up 140 points and loses. You’ve got to feel pity for a team that has the most points in the league (453), but currently sits at 1-3. Such is the case for Cold Jerky. You’ve got to feel disgust for a team that has scored the least points in the league (331) but has 2 wins because he’s also got the least points scored against (314). Such is the case with Dutch Mafia. Strong fantasy defense? Yeah, I guess so. I may not love the Cold Jerky team, but I can’t help but look at those numbers and say that the fantasy deities will right the wrong this week. When I look at the byes and the matchups, I think that it’s ahhh, well, it’s possible. Matt Ryan and Victor Cruz absolutely have to tear it up because I don’t see anything else tasty on the docket, especially if Jennings misses this week. I’m loving Torrey Smith against the Chiefs (hmmm, maybe should have kept him) and if Gates can’t get it going against the saints, he never will. Despite my reservations, I’m going to keep side with Cold Jerky to put both of these teams at 2-3 by the end of the week.

Lumpalicious (2-2) vs. Hurricane Ditka (1-3) Lumpalicious leads 5-3

There are some things to like here for both teams and the fact that both have some injury/bye week issues, it is a fortunate matchup as this will likely be the lowest scoring game of the week. You’ve got to think that the NOLA game got Aaron Rodgers back into a rhythm and don’t expect the Colts to slow that down. Lumpalicious id doubling down with newly purchased James Jones in the lineup. Freddy Jack against a tough SF run defense and still coming back from injury…that spot is tough. I do like Rivers against the saints and maybe the Kolb magic keeps rolling along on Thursday for Fitzy…and at least you won’t have Dez to drop any passes for you this week. I still like the talent on the Lumpalicious squad more and that’s the way I’ve got to stick – Lumpa gets above 500, ‘Canes start to put price tags on the merchandise for the fire sale.

Bacon Factory (3-1) vs. Ca$h Money (1-3) Ca$h leads 6-0

Another lopsided series and you know what – who am I to argue with historical data? I actually don’t think that the Bacon Factory can win without Sea Bass and I don’t like the Newton matchup this week. I’m having a hard time believing in this 3-1 Bacon Factory start and I will just about choke if it’s a 4-1 start. No, the matchups aren’t frightening on the other side of the ball for Ca$h Money, but this team is starting to show some spirit after getting grifted out of Jamaal Charles. Btw, I read an article that said Charles would be a top 5 pick in a redraft…ouch. Anyway, this Ca$h team looks like it can put up solid points from all positions and there are too many question marks this week for Bacon. Ca$h stays perfect against Bacon, makes it 7-0.

Ginger(s) of the Week – The Voice again!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking – seriously, The Voice? I mean, I like Ceelo, but Christina is obnoxious and Adam Lavene is annoying and who is Blake Shelton. Fair enough – but, let me say this in response. Ceelo is worth the price of admission and Blake Shelton seems like the nicest, most genuine guy I’ve ever seen. Adam is pretty annoying, but he seems pretty genuine as well. Christina…yeah, it’s very difficult to take her seriously, but she has pipes. While Romo was completing passes to the Navy and Orange, the Voice did something amazing. Yes, indeed, each team has managed to follow the No Gingers Club rule and they have each selected one ginger on their team. Yes, all 4 teams have a ginger to cheer for/against. The teams battle each other, so we likely won’t see any ginger on ginger action at all, and if we do it’ll be in the final. There’s also this new element of “stealing” a singer away on to your team this year. I’m a little worried about this feature, because if the balance of gingers is upset, it may send this show into oblivion. Either way, worth keeping tabs on.You just can’t make this stuff up. As far as attractiveness…well, the featured girls from last week are in front. Expect updates throughout the year. Watch with your friends. Create a drinking game. Every time Christina gives herself a compliment, take a shot.



Week 4 Preview – Time to Separate or get caught in the mud

26 Sep

Week 4 Preview

Where’d they get these guys – the Foot Locker? So, sometimes in my line of work, we say “what we really need is a body.” To be clear, I’m saying that to get people’s attention, something drastic has to happen – a death, an outbreak of illness, a river catching on fire, etc. For the replacement ref situation, we as fans needed to “see a body” or a blown call that costs someone a game, in prime time, to move the negotiations. Can’t wait to see Ed Hochuli back where he belongs.

I said it last year and I’ll say it again – Sunday Night Football is the best way to spend 3 hours of your time for 17 weeks of the year. No other time slot guarantees you the level of game that SNF does. These guys are fantastic at pilfering the top matchups from the rest of the networks and put on a good show. I will stand by Al Michaels as one of the best play by play guys around and Collinsworth isn’t horrible…which is honestly a complement for color guys. I listened to some horrible play by play and color of the weekend, including Dick Stockton and John Lynch – wow, was that bad. Back to SNF – so far we’ve seen the opener Giants vs. Cowboys, Steelers vs. Broncos, Lions vs. 49ers, and Patriots vs. Ravens. I’ve watched every minute of all 4 of those games and they were well worth my time. Next week we have the Giants vs. Eagles game and I’m definitely intrigued to see that one with Vick struggling and the Giants mending and persevering. Here’s what the rest of the slate looks like:

5. Chargers vs. Saints – Could be entertaining even if I don’t believe in either team as a playoff team this year – certainly fantasy implications abound.

6. Packers vs. Texans – Wow, very excited for this one. Great test for both teams.

7. Steelers vs. Bengals – Good divisional game with an exciting up and coming offense against a traditionally good defense. Big Ben in big games is always entertaining.

8. Saints vs. Broncos – Manning vs. Brees and even if the Saints are struggling still at this point, the Broncos will be in the hunt and facing an interesting challenge.

9. Cowboys vs. Falcons – The Falcons may be the best team in the NFC right now and no one is really talking about them. Cowboys are a wildcard week to week – they beat good teams, lose to bad ones.

10. Texans vs. Bears – Obviously excited about this one too, and I love how these teams stack up against each other.

11. Ravens vs. Steelers – No explanation needed, always a must see game. Start of flex schedule

12a. Patriots vs. Jets – Thanksgiving night, always entertaining Belichick and Ryan.

12b. Packers vs. Giants – Yeah, no need to sell this one either. Rematch of a great playoff game last year.

13. Eagles vs. Cowboys – Entertaining game (also a “flex) but maybe not playoff implications.

14. Lions vs. Packers – Lions are looking more and more like a 7-9 club, Packers are struggling, so we’ll see if this one sticks, but I like the potential here.

15. 49ers vs. Patriots – Wow…just wow…this could be a Super Bowl preview.

16. Chargers vs. Jets – Well, I think this one will get changed to Giants / Ravens.

So, beating a dead horse here but you hopefully get the point – make Sunday night a priority to watch football. As a bonus, they have the best pregame show, which also acts like a highlights show, and Dungy/Harrison is a great combo (better than the buffoons on Fox). 

Week 4 is pretty interesting for a fantasy season. You know enough about your team to know what’s what. Every roster has challenges, and with every game having importance, bye weeks throw an extra challenge your way. A loss this week isn’t the end of the world for anyone (except Ca$h) but if you’re 1-2, you don’t want to go 1-3. Think about this – in the history of NGC, it normally takes 9 wins to get to the postseason. Starting 1-3 means you’ve got to finish 8-2. Whereas starting off 2-2 puts you in the muck of the middle of the pack, needing a good but much better sounding 7-3 finish. Obviously, 3-1 is where you want to be with needing only a 6-4 finish or, at 4-0 for the Peckers, just finishing 500 will get you in. Every game counts, Gamers, and it starts to get more interesting this week. Realistically, we’ll see a couple teams separate and a lot of muck and mud in the middle.

Game of the Week

Vote Dem (2-1) vs. Dutch Mafia (2-1) Vote Dem leads series 4-2

The only matchup of 2-1 teams, so we’re guaranteed at least one 3-1 team coming out of this one. If Dutch Mafia wins this, it will be basically the exact opposite start since last year, where DM was losing some tough games and was better than the early record indicated. I think with injuries and inconsistency, DM is worse than a 2-1 record and has a tough toad to hoe this week against a surprisingly awesome Vote Dem team. Seriously, Vote Dem has lost one game where they had the 3rd most points of the week. This team is hitting on all cylinders, basically destroying the Vote Dem prototype team of a QB only squad. This ticket is strong from top to bottom. Richardson and MJD might turn out to be the best backfield in the league and this receiving corps is fantastic when healthy. Oh, and that Manning guy, the one with 2 rings, not 1, he’s pretty good for fantasy purposes. I’ll admit when I’m wrong – I’m checking the Vote Dem box for the playoffs starting with a win this week.

Apocalyptic Apostles (2-1) vs. Bad Mamma Jammas (1-2) AA leads series 4-3

No bye week or injury blues for the Jammas gives an early lead as the Apostles will miss Brown, Antonio and Mr. Spiller. The juicy matchup for Stafford is also in question and so AA will need to roll with RG3 once again…which isn’t too bad of a consolation. Assuming Nicks can play, you’ve got to like the setup for both teams to be a higher scoring contest. Brady’s matchup is better than RG3’s and you’ve got to like ALL matchups for BMJ this week – not one is looking suspect. I’m feeling pretty good about everything I can throw out there as I expect the Packers – Saints game to look like a Pac-10 (or 14 or whatever) game with a lot of offense and little defense, benefitting 4 of the AA roster spots. At the end of the day, I like the Lynch and Demaryius Thomas plays the best for BMJ and I can’t get over the feeling that my pieces of the elite offenses may not come through. BMJ in a close one.

Good Team (1-2) vs. Operation Domination (2-1) OD leads series 3-2

The Good Team will be without the Steelers D and Mike Wallace while Brees will be involved in a shoot out in Green Bay. Newly acquired RB Jamaal Charles, who made quite the splash in his first week in an OD uniform, trying to single-handedly win a rivalry game against the Apostles, looks to build on his amazing start against the Chargers. And let’s be honest, OD is really solid, Good Team is not, OD comfortably.

Atomic Peckers (3-0) vs. Ca$h Money (0-3) Ca$h leads series 4-3

I’m not going to waste your time with a drawn out prediction on this matchup – I’ve got the Peckers. What we should put money on is whether or not the Peckers keep their streak going and keep going with the two wide receiver set. Wayne is on a bye and Garcon is still recovering – we could see a 1 WR set, a 2 WR set, or, the dark horse, a full complement of WR. You’ve got to hand it to the Peckers, they’re so good, they’re just trying to make it interesting.

Lumpalicious (1-2) vs. Cold Jerky (1-2) Series tied at 4

Can you really call this a futility matchup? I’m holding off on that label because Lumpalicious is rated as a playoff team in the power rankings and Cold Jerky busted out a huge week 2 performance. So…I’m holding off. In this matchup, I’m going to continue to double down on this Lumpalicious roster because A-Rod against the Saints is so tasty I have no appetite…that didn’t really make sense but I’m going with it. If Ryan Mathews can stay upright, the Chiefs D will give you a free 100 yards and TD, and that’s the floor. I think Ridley will get more carries this week whereas Bush won’t play…I don’t see this one as being close.

Bacon Factory (2-1) vs. Hurricane Ditka (1-2) BF leads 5-3

These two rosters may be the toughest to rank. Each have a Cowboys WR that we don’t know what to expect week to week. Both have a top flight WR that has put up stinkers followed by good games. Both have a top talent RB. Will Cam come back to his freshman form? Can Rivers put up some numbers? Can Muscle Hamster do anything besides 3 yards and cloud of dust? This is really a pick ‘em game here, but I’m going to roll with the ‘Canes because I think both teams deserve to be in the 2-2 slop.

Ginger of the Week – Paulina and Leila from The Voice. The show has 2 gingers (not approved) but we’re giving it a pass because X-Tina has one on her team (Paulina, left) and one is on Blake’s team (Leila, right). We’ll try and follow this show and give you updates. There is one more selection show, so we’ll see if there is a 3rd ginger or not. The one on the left is 16, so…settle it down. (btw, I swear it’s not the same girl)

PaulinaLelia Broussard

Week 3 preview

20 Sep


Another winning week of predictions last week at 4-2…this time officially locked into the Y! site. I’ll see if I can keep it going in Rivalry Week – yes, that’s right, Rivalry Week Part 1 of the 2012 fantasy year is upon us. As always, rivalry weeks avoid the byes, so that there are no excuses (well, fewer excuses) from participants. Week 3 is an important week for most everyone as we’ll start to see some separation.

So, let’s talk about the 800 pound gorilla. Apparently, there were some angry texts thrown at the Dutch Mafia for the Spiller/Smith trade. I’ll saw a few things and allow the comments to continue if needed. First, the full impact of a trade can really only be judged at the end of the season in terms of if one side or the other got the better of it or if both benefitted equally. To jump the gun and make declarations is foolhardy. Second, a trade can really only be judged with the information available at the time, your personal speculations, and your team context. Torrey Smith is a guy both Dutch Mafia and I like (as does OD, BMJ, etc) and I really struggled giving him up. I felt comfortable with it in the end because I feel I can rely on Lance Moore to be a solid WR3 while DM has Forte and Bradshaw with Bush and PT Bruiser. This is a classic set up of swapping strengths to improve weaknesses. Yes, Spiller went off…against Kansas City. Do I think he’ll have a nice rest of the year? Yeah, I do – I did trade for him. Do I think he’ll be a world beater all year? No, not at all – but hopefully he’ll be better than either DM or I expected. Do I think Torrey Smith will be better than Megatron? No. Do I think he’ll finish in the top 25 for WR? Yes, and probably top 20. So, I think it was a fair trade at the time (where I honestly thought I was giving up more than DM), and there is still 14 more weeks of fantasy to tell the full tale.

I don’t like Thursday night games because 1) I’d have to go to a bar to watch them and 2) because it makes me lock in picks and get a preview out to be on the record before any action takes place on Thursday rather than Saturday. If I had the channel, I’d probably like it just fine because, well, it’d be another night of football, and who doesn’t like that? However, I think we react too strongly to limited data from the TNF game. Say we have one guy in a matchup go off or lay an egg, it changes our mindset going into the weekend – which can drag out your Friday and Saturday causing undue stress or false confidence. I’d say avoid it if you can…but I know that’s ridiculous to suggest – that’s why FFB is a 7 day a week hobby. Okay, on to the games.

Game of the Week

Apocalyptic Apostles (1-1) vs. Operation Domination (2-0) AA leads series 6-4

#2 vs. #4 in the Power Rankings. The Apostles hold a slight lead in this series, the granddaddy of them all. Four years have seen season splits and one year the Apostles swept OD. I have a feeling that by the end of this season, the series will be tied up at 6-6. I was hard on the OD draft mainly because of the Turner pick – and I don’t like Dwayne Bowe. However, OD made absolutely every pick count as Amendola, LaFell and Alfred Morris sit in the starting lineup – all guys with really high potential. Drew Brees against the Chiefs is really an unfair advantage. The one thing that really seems unfair here is the news that Hakeem Nicks will sit this one out. I think the only right thing to do here is to sit Dwayne Bowe, give yourself a challenge. This game could be really high scoring as there are a LOT of sexy matchups here. Antonio Brown should find paydirt against the Raiders and Spiller’s setup against the Browns is sweet while Bowe and Murray should be huge against the Saints and Bucs respectively. The Apostles only hope here is to see Brees throw TDs only to Moore and Graham and have RG3 (yes, I think I’m sticking with the hot hand…although Stafford’s matchup is soft) go off against the Bengals. I just don’t like my chances against the buzz saw – OD in a shootout.

The Good Team (1-1) vs. Vote Dem (1-1) Good Team leads series 5-4

Much like the upcoming November election, I don’t think this one will be much of a contest and Vote Dem is going to win comfortably. Megatron is due for a breakout, Stevie Johnson will score his random TD, MJD – yes, great matchup, T-Rich should be good. On the other side, Cutty could have a decent game against the Rams, but teams have been able to run all over them first and foremost so look for a steady diet of Michael Bush and Kahlil Bell/Armando Allen. Mark it, Dude, this one is over, Vote Dem wins the popular vote AND the electoral college to move to 2-1 and tie up the all-time series.

Bad Mamma Jammas (1-1) vs. Hurricane Ditka (0-2) Series tied at 4

Yahoo has this down as a competitive game, and will be even closer because Brady’s got a tough one going into Baltimore for what should be another good Sunday Night game. I’m a little surprised to see Rivers over Roethlisberger – I think the matchup is tasty out there for the taking against the Raiders. Call is arm chair QB-ing, but I’d be willing to put a nickel down on Big Ben having a better day than P. Riv. Otherwise, I think the talent at WR points to BMJ whereas I like the ‘Canes RBs. At the end of the day, I’ll boil this down to the QBs and I’ll say that Rivers can’t do enough to beat Tom Brady and BMJ escapes, putting the ‘Canes at 0-3.

Dutch Mafia (1-1) vs. Ca$h Money (0-2) Dutch Mafia leads 7-1

The most lopsided of the rivalries gets worse after this weekend. We already covered the Spiller situation earlier, so let’s move on to the triage unit at RB for DM. The depth will really prove worthy here as Michael Bush with a full workload against STL is begging for a 120+ 2TD line. I also like the PT Bruiser’s involvement in the Saints’ offense and look for a solid effort against a horrible Chiefs D. Ca$h counters with some tough matchups and Frank Gore at Minnesota. I don’t really like anything else going on here for Ca$h, and while I can see Marshall and Charles hitting their modest predicted points, I don’t see anyone going off. Watch for the Dutch Mafia to once again own the Dutch Oven rivalry.

Bacon Factory (1-1) vs. Lumpalicious (1-1) Bacon Factory leads series 8-4 (8-4?! Yeah, these teams play a lot in the consolation bracket, but that’s still a lot of games!)

Outside of my own rivalry, this is my favorite. There always seems to be plenty of shenanigans and surprise starts, upsets, blowups, blowouts, and always, ALWAYS, plenty of good ole fashioned trash talk. These are also the two teams most known for assembling “Boom or Bust” rosters, it’s also completely unpredictable. However, you pay me to do the unthinkable and make tough calls. I’m going Lumpalicious based on matchups. Cam vs. Giants, Welker vs. Ravens, Run DMC vs. Steelers, McGahee vs. Texans, Finley vs. his own hands, I mean Seahawks…these are not matchups one wants to see. While there’s nothing soft on the other side, they seem less scary. Look for A-Rod to lead a comeback on MNF, finding enough moxie to get it done.

Atomic Peckers (2-0) vs. Cold Jerky (1-1) Cold Jerky leads series 8-3

Who am I to doubt a 2-time champ? Cold Jerky exploded on the 2012 season with an amazing effort, trouncing the sorry ‘Canes via Victor Cruz and Reggie Bush. I think Cold Jerky is set up well again in this one to have another solid effort, probably peaking around the 105 mark. This is the toughest test yet for the preseason #1 – can he pull off another victory and start 3-0? Manning has a tough draw and I’m worried about the running game here with AP against the 9ers and McCoy against a game Cardinals D in the desert. I’ve got a funny feeling about this one and I think it’s an upset. Cold Jerky gets it done – whether or not he puts a TE in the lineup or not.

Ginger of the week
My pick this week is this fine maiden on the front of a six pack. It will be cold this weekend, so stay inside, drink some beer, and beat your rival. Ginger of the week goes to all red beers!


Week 2 preview

14 Sep


Week 2 Preview

*note, I wrote this before the game last night. I’m not changing anything…bc I’m angry and or lazy, but I don’t see it changing much anyway.

Well, I was 4-2 in my league picks last week…but I didn’t record it on the actual site before the Wednesday games so that winning effort will go unrecorded. Cool thing this year on the Yahoo! site – they’re keeping track of your “pick ‘em” record, so lock in your picks on the site throughout the weeks and we’ll see who can pick well. This may be something we award a cash prize to starting next year so start picking games. I think it’s worth putting $20 or so on it – but since I didn’t know what the heck it was until today, it’s a little late to start that.

Cool point #2 is the record books…although our prospectus is much better. One interesting tidbit is that Cold Jerky had the easiest strength of schedule last year….not that you didn’t already know that.

Cool point #3 is the “recaps” that are automatically generated by the computer. Folks, we’re about one or two innovations away from the robots taking over. It’s kind of scary…

My first week was mixed. Good news was the Bears did what they had to do against a team they were supposed to beat. Bad news was the Apostles didn’t do what they had to do against a team they were supposed to beat. I split in my other two leagues, winning comfortably in one, and losing by a point in the other.

Everyone gets a chance to take their new toys out onto the field in the second week and find out what works, what doesn’t and where the tweaks can be applied to by the tinkering fantasy owner. For some, the lineups performed better than expected in week 1. For others, there were some pretty serious holes exposed. All part of the fun, kids. Week one is gone, but it’s only week 2…just make sure you don’t start off with two losses…

Game of the week

Bad Mamma Jammas (1-0) vs. Atomic Peckers (1-0)

The only matchup of undefeateds and the Y! peeps like it lots with both teams projected over 100. Julio Jones may just be the #1 WR in all of fantasy this year – and me without any shares (but not because I didn’t want any). Demaryius Thomas sure made a nice play in the Sunday night game but I wasn’t impressed with his body of work. This is still a work in progress. I like the setup for the Law Firm this week and Brady to Hernandez should be tallying points for BMJ. On the other side of the ball, look for the Peckers to see big returns from AP and Steve Smith in tasty matchups. I also like Garcon to go double digits if he can stay on the field. I like that Gronk and Gostkowski take the sting out of Brady this week and I think that Manning builds on his strong first week with another solid effort. If Manning can keep it close in his personal battle with Brady, I like the Peckers chances. Expect to see Manning favor Decker and Tamme in the Monday nighter with Denver’s D doing just enough to hold back Julio – Peckers by a nose.

Ginger of the week
My ginger of the week is one of the best over-actors of all-time, mr. David caruso. Why? Because I need someone to find my offense in60 minutes, maybe open fire on some Colombian drug lords while saying really corny lines…and will smith doesn’t have red hair so he was my next best bet.

Apocalyptic Apostles (0-1) vs. Vote Dem (1-0)

Well, we’ve got ourselves a quarterback controversy for the Apostles. Hot rookie sensation Robert Griffin the 3rd will get the start against the Rams while #1 draft pick Matt Stafford rides the pine in a tough matchup against the 49ers. Have the Apostles lost their mind? Are they crazy like a fox? Is this early season desperation? Two of those questions can be answered with a yes – tune in this weekend to find out which 2. I like Nicks and Torrey Smith this week, and the Houston D needs to have another strong outing for RGIII to have a shot here. On the other side of the ball, Eli will be slinging the rock against an apparently reborn Bucs D while MJD goes against that stout Texans D. I think this one is closer than Y! is giving it credit for, but I’m not in love with how this all sets up for the Apostles and 0-2 is starting to look likely…yikes. Look for Calvin Johnson to win this one in what should be a fantastic game (The Handshake, revisited), leaving Gonzo to apply icing to the 2-0 Vote Dem party cake. Apostles fire sale soon to follow…draft picks for 2013 wanted.

Good Team (1-0) vs. Bacon Factory (0-1)

Yahoo! has this one dead even and you can’t really argue with that prediction. My question is – does the Bacon Factory still cheer for Mike Wallace? Is it hard to get over those rooting interests? I know I still have attachments to guys that came through for me in the past. I’ll just come out and say it – I like the Bacon Factory in this one – mostly because I think Cam puts up 40 and McFadden to explode for 30…hopefully his knee doesn’t explode along with it. Watch for the Broncos to slow down the Falcons’ pass game – including Roddy, and let’s put Ray Ray on the watch list as his touches were down last week. If I were the Good Team, I’d probably worry about that.

Lumpalicious (0-1) vs. Dutch Mafia (1-0)

You know what sucks? Scoring the second most points in the league and still losing. You know what blows? Well, we’ll keep it PG around here. Tough go for the Lumps last week and a tough matchup in week 2. The superlatives are being thrown around for the Ridley pick…yeah, the Benson vs. Ridley debate I had in my head makes me feel like a complete moron right now. Plus, Lumpalicious gets Ryan Mathews back – at least for one week before the next injury – and word is Andre 3000 got his groove back. If this TB Defense is for real, look for Bradshaw to struggle and I’d be surprised if Romo can put up good numbers in the Pacific Northwest. I just can’t see Lumpalicious falling to 0-2 with as much talent as there is on this team, so I’m going to have to go with Lumpalicious…but hopefully despite, not because of, Aaron Rodgers.

Operation Domination (1-0) vs. Ca$h Money (0-1)

I knew nothing of Alfred Morris until OD chose him in the last round. For a guy focused on finding late round gems, I sure missed the first one to be exposed. You’ve got to be kidding me. Well, if Morris gets 28 carries against the Rams, I’ll mark down 150 yards and 2 TD. I like Brees to have a bounce back game in what I expect to be an absolute barn burner. Does Ca$h Money cheer against Dwayne Bowe in this one or does he cheer for a big game because he’s a KC fan? These are important life questions here. Look for Brandon Lloyd to start the OD machine early while Decker and Matt Bryant finish off a victory on MNF. I don’t think this one is particularly close, but OD will have to at least tune into the Monday night game to make sure the deed is done.

Futility Matchup

Cold Jerky (0-1) vs. Hurricane Ditka (0-1)

The ‘Canes came out last week and made the Apostles look good…which was tough to do. Cold Jerky got cold feet and could not come out with a win despite the heroics of Matty Ice. So, we’ve got a game where the loser will be in the 0-2 hole, which is very tough to dig out of. Traditionally, you need 9 wins to see the postseason, so 0-2 basically means you’ll need to go 9-3 the rest of the way – not impossible for sure, but the margin for error shrinks just that much more. Now that I’ve built this up, I dislike the ‘Canes less this week because Bananas Foster has the best matchup…and that’s about the only matchup I’m in love with here. Matt Ryan won’t repeat his performance from week 1 and I’m not sure anyone else on this team gets into double digits outside of David Akers for Cold Jerky. Look for a low scoring game with bananas Foster setting the pace…mmmm, bananas foster…


Week 1 preview

6 Sep

Week 1 Preview

Game of the Week

Atomic Peckers (0-0) vs Lumpalicious (0-0) Lumpalicious leads series 4-3

The pre-draft #1 vs. the post-draft #1 – this is the premier matchup in the league. You’ve got to love the stones of the Peckers, throwing Adrian Peterson into the starting lineup right away, basically saying – McCoy is enough to beat Kevin Smith AND Steven Ridley (which, he’s probably right). Tough matchup out of the gates for Rodgers against SF and no easy sledding for Manning against the Steelers. I see Wayne getting a decent amount of garbage yardage against the Bears (think 9 balls for 120) and I like Garcon to have a huge day – we’re talking 150 and 2 TDs. Manning does enough to put the Peckers over the top in the Sunday night game with a late TD to Eric Decker.

Vote Dem (0-0) vs. Ca$h Money (0-0) Vote Dem leads 4-2

The Ginger vs. the Pseudo-Ginger matchup always proves to be a good one…I actually have no proof to back that up, just sounded good. Yahoo! handicaps it as a 2 point advantage for the Monies, which we’ll increase to 7 after the Eli’s pedestrian numbers from the opener. Looking at who could out perform their projections, I really like Harvin and Marshall to put up big numbers in their games, and I think you’ll see a big performance out of Megatron. I don’t see Richardson or Redman getting the 8 predicted points each for the Vote Demers, but I like CJ2K to go over 100 with a TD against Atlanta. I’ll take the Monies in this one.

Operation Domination (0-0) vs Hurricane Ditka (0-0) OD leads 5-2

If we update the handicap with the results from the opener, Yahoo! predicts 94 points for OD to 83 for the ‘Canes. So, how do the ‘Canes make up 11 points? I think Titus young will do better than 5 points – but I also like Pettigrew for more than 5. I think it’ll come down to whether or not Foster can torch the ‘fins or if he is held in check and the TDs go somewhere else. The prediction is decent at 17 (basically 110 total yards and a TD) but I think he beats that. So…with my prediction on the late Manning to Decker TD from earlier…I’m going to take OD to pull out a late thriller.

Bacon Factory (0-0) vs Dutch Mafia (0-0) DM leads 5-4

Another good one here as we saw 3 guys in action in the opener all outperform their predictions. Romo had a fantastic game at 300 and 3 while Austin was the recipient of the 3rd. Bradshaw really struggled in the first half but made a fantastic move to get into the end zone to salvage his night. I think Cam and Run DMC have to carry this team this weekend as I expect Gates and Forte to outperform their predictions. Look for this to come down to the Monday night games with Boldin, Run DMC, and Sea Bass going for Bacon and AJ Green, DHB, and Gates going for Dutch Mafia. I’ll take Dutch Mafia to hold off the Monday night surge, but expect this to be the highest scoring matchup of the week.

Futility Matchup 1 Bad Mamma Jammas (0-0) vs Cold Jerky (0-0) Cold Jerky leads series 4-3

While CJ came out of the draft with the worst grade, they’ve got a decent chance to start the year with a win. I like the start potential for Matt Ryan this weekend and while I don’t think he’ll outscore Brady, I think he can keep it close to make this one interesting. With Lynch ailing, it will be interesting to see where BMJ goes with their ground game. The Law Firm starts with a tough assignment against the Ravens and Demaryius Thomas has to face the Pittsburgh secondary. This may come down to where Ryan’s TDs go. If they go to Julio, advantage BMJ. If they go to Roddy (and therefore outside this matchup), advantage CJ. Since we saw the Super Bowl champion go down in the opener, I’ll predict the same here – BMJ takes this one.

Futility matchup 2 Apocalyptic Apostles (0-0) vs. The Good Team (0-0) AA leads series 6-2

Well, for two teams with QBs that have fabulous matchups, the Yahoo! crew sure hates these teams with low total point predictions. The Apostles will consider sitting Benson in this one with the toughest draw in the field – the 49ers #1 ranked run defense from a year ago. The replacement may be Robert Turbin – the newest member of the Apostles and potential starter for the Seachickens this weekend if Lynch can’t go. Besides Stafford, I like Graham and the Texans D to put up some points and can hopefully make up for the disappointing start from Nicks. In addition to Cutty on The Good Team, look for Ray Ray and Roddy to do some damage. I think up and down the lineup, the Apostles are slightly better and I’ll go there. The fun thing about this one is that if Cutty beats me, I’ll be happy and if Stafford wins it for me, the Good team will be happy.

Ginger of the Week – the ranger at the national park I was at in Utah earlier this year. Picture below. She gave a great tour and deserves to start off our year as ginger of the week – a real world ginger!